Casual Sex: Not for the Woman with a Heart

Everyone seems to be okay with casual sex nowadays, and some may have fooled themselves into believing that it is exactly what will keep them from falling in love. The avoidance of love. Why is it so frightening?

As one of those minions who have succumbed to the idea that free love – or more appropriately, free sex – is much more relaxed and entertaining, I’ve failed to factor in the inevitable feelings that ensue through the course of time. Perhaps it only happens to women or some women who are capable of deep, inexhaustible emotions. Perhaps it is only those deep feeling women who suffer from the consequences of their actions when they decide to enter the world of “friends with benefits” or acquaintances with benefits.

Whatever the case may be, I believe it is the men, for the most part, who benefit most from the casual, pseudo-relationships. 90% of the time they’ll want to include you in a threesome with another woman, expecting you to heartily say, “Yes.” 100% of the time I counter with “How about another guy?” not expecting the actual outcome but wanting to experience their reaction to the question. Most of them reply with an open mouth, dumbfounded. Well, why isn’t it a two-way expectation?

The bottom line is that someone who believes in finding her soulmate or believes in true love can’t possibly enter a casual relationship without breaking her own heart somewhere down the line. Feelings run deeper as time goes on, especially when the other fits those ideal fantasy criteria more than anyone else.

What is the solution then for women who fall in love too easily while in these casual relationships? Limit the amount of time with them? Have more of them to “diffuse the love?” Simply not enter them and live without sex? Whatever the answer is, men definitely have an easier time keeping their feelings in check.