I always wonder why women destroy flowers in an effort to get some confirmation that their loved one actually does or doesn’t love her. Does it really matter? Was it worth destroying a precious flower for a sort of destiny foretold? The answer should always be no, he doesn’t love you. Then you will look at the flower in its deathly misery and wonder why you put so much faith in a scatter of petals.

The same thing goes with astrology and the weight people put on the individual signs, more specifically in romantic compatibility between the signs. I have found that the opposite has proven true for me when it came to “compatibility.” My “ultimate love sign” for me was the most annoyingly intense and wastefully serious time I’ve experienced in one person. Great for a quickie but save the health of your heart and move on. The “one who would break your heart” in fact did, but after several years of a relationship that had to be based on something stronger than a quickie. I’ve had more pleasant interactions and relations with people which astrology says are the least compatible for me, and thus I now seek the opposite of what astrology readings project.  Like the sign  below, the “Best Matches” list would be swapped with “Challenging Matches.”  Fire and Air signs, bring it on!