Okay so I’ve never really been into the dating scene. I’ve gone from one boyfriend to the next ever since I was born. Now that I’m available to do so I find it horrendous. Maybe it’s my age, maybe it’s inexperience. I don’t like the pretense , all the falsities, all the endless chit chat to find out who you are, what you are, and if you are worth another date.

I can assess within one minute if you are 1)worth just a one time booty call 2)worth a regular booty call 3)boyfriend or husband material 4)good as a platonic friend 5)a platonic friend that I eventually want to match up with another friend or 6)someone I’d rather send to the jungles of Africa. Therefore the entire hours long date night is unnecessary unless you fall into categories #1-3.

The problem is that it’s rare to find someone who sees it that way, too, and thus uses a more direct approach. However, when that rarity occurs the likely scenario is #1 and #2. If #3 ever happens to me in this lifetime, somewhere in the world pigs are flying.