Today was going to be the final night, she told herself. She had enough of the ambiguity, the relationship of the non-relationship. What made him so special that he was irreplaceable, anyway? All they had together was what happened in the bedroom and didn’t venture outside of that area. She could easily find another lover just as good or even better. No words of love were ever exchanged, making the strong argument that it wasn’t necessary to continue the arrangement.

The door opened and he stood smiling at her, seemingly happy to see her. She fell into his arms and kissed him. His lips felt full and soft against hers, and she tasted its sweetness. He helped her pull off her boots and he followed behind her to his bedroom. She could feel his stare unlike at other times they were together.

‘What is going on,’ she thought to herself. There was a strong current passing through them, and she felt herself being pulled closer to him. He was more fiery than usual, yet in tune with her every move. She let him take the lead and gave in to his desires, for suddenly his desires were her own. They moved in sync with each other, a desperate passion driving them to near frenzy.

In the quiet of the afterstorm they lay together, his arms gently holding her close. She felt her heartbreat throbbing and was sure he could hear it outside her heart. As she watched his beautiful face at rest she wondered why he wasn’t as talkative as usual. It didn’t matter; she didn’t feel like talking either. She was more than content to lay against him and try to still her heart.

She remembered what she had planned to do earlier and realized it was an impossibilty. The chemistry they had together was rare, even for her, and she wasn’t ready to give that up just yet.

Andrei Andrei