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It’s been about nine years since 300 came out in theaters nationwide, and what better way to celebrate 300‘s 9-year anniversary than to look back at this clip:

These two photos of the blue screen studio shot and the video clip show the hottest guys in the film: the Gerard Butler, Michael Fassbender, and Marc Trottier. It appears in the photo stills that, while Stelios is saying, “My king … it’s an honor to die at your side,” Leonidas doesn’t look back at him but instead looks down at the other Spartan warrior lying dead (Marc Trottier).  As Leonidas says, “It’s an honor to have lived at yours,” he is not facing Stelios but the other guy.


300b.jpgWhy could that possibly be?  Could the other Spartan be Leonidas’ side lover and the meaning is deeper than that of soldier bonding?  It is known in Greek history that men took each other as lovers without the stigma it has today.


Valentine’s Day thoughts aside, congratulations to all three of these babes for the near future.  Gerry’s two films are coming out:London Has Fallen (3.4.16) and Gods of Egypt (2.26.16).  Michael Fassbender is nominated for an Oscar for his role as Steve Jobs (watch the Oscars on 2.28.16).  Marc Trottier will be appearing as Hardhat in the next episode of the CW TV show Arrow on 2.17.16.

Check Marc out on Arrow next Wednesday and www.marctrottier.com for more info about the former Spartan who wholeheartedly caught Leonidas’ attention.