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Today you burst into
My life
As if nothing
Had wilted away
Since the years passed
Since we last said
Have a good life
It took me that long
To say goodbye
To my heart
My mind
That tricked me
Into believing
You were the one
The one who would
Rescue me
Make me whole again
It was an illusion
I watched the leaves fall
Every year
Every tear
I shed inside
Hiding it from myself
Now you think
You can have
My heart again
To destroy
To bend to your
If only it were
So simple
You see
When the darkness
Threatened to take
My last breath
A living angel
Lifted me away
From my despair
Turn to me
He urged
I need you
His soul demanded
I woke from my slumber
I took his hand
We flew away
When he left me
He took my heart
My soul
My life
This empty shell
That now exists
You can no longer